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Interview with Spiritual Medium, Kerrie Erwin

By Kate-Michelle Von Riegen
The Carrington Hotel Events -
Archived 21 Sep 2015 - Posted: 20 Aug 2015
This Halloween, the historic Carrington Hotel is inviting local residents and spirits alike, to celebrate the occasion with a delicious three-course meal enjoyed in the company of two gifted Psychics.

One of these mediums is Kerrie Erwin. In the lead-up to this much-anticipated ‘Dinner with Spirit’, Fresh Air Daily sat down with the Sydney-based spiritual medium, clairvoyant and international author, to discuss everything from her experiences with the spirit realm to her expectations regarding the event.

When did you first discover your spiritual/psychic gifts and how did this discovery lead you to where you are now?

I first discovered I was a spiritual medium and psychic when I was seven years old. I was able to see and hear spirit people talking and walking around in my own parent’s home and in my grandmother’s. Having no one to help me I often kept the light on of a night time, as I was terrified. Every time I told my parents what I saw, or that I just knew a thing was going to happen, they would not believe me.

By the time I was seventeen and had my licence, I was able to drive out to Corrimal on the south coast and join the Spiritualist Church there. These amazing people, with an older woman who was a medium from England, took me under their wing and said I was special, there was nothing wrong with me and I got to meet like-minded people like myself. In hindsight this opened up another world for me as I knew at an early age I was here to offer service and help people.

On your website you describe yourself as a “Medium, Clairvoyant and Healer”. For those who are unfamiliar with the psychic/spiritual world, what does this mean?

As a medium I am able to talk to spirits and pass on information and messages, from their loved ones in the spirit world. This in hand has a healing effect as bereavement is a very sad thing and it is a great comfort to understand that there is no such thing as death, as the soul keeps living on in another dimension. Death as we know it is only a transition or a bus stop to another world, in another dimension an arm’s length away. It is also reassuring to know and understand that we are always connected to our loved ones through our love, which is eternal.

Clairvoyant means that I can also see the future and am able to tap into the past, present and future events in somebody’s life. I do this by seeing little pictures or moving movies in my mind’s eye, which in turn indicates what is going on. 

I also work with Spirit Rescue or what is commonly known as ghost busting. When I do this in somebody’s home or workplace I am able to bring down a porthole of light, tell the spirit they are dead, tell them to open their eyes and to cross into the spirit world where they belong.  Once they have done this they can receive their healing, can catch up with other members of their soul groups and are able to be finally processed by higher beings and reincarnate by their own choice, back to earth for another spiritual contract and more lessons and learning as a soul. Lost souls do not belong in our dimension and are often lost, confused and do not understand that they are dead because for some reason they did not cross over when they died.

My healing work started when I was a nursing sister, as my own spiritual contract is to help, heal and educate people. After many years in this industry I left and studied alternative therapies in healing including spiritual healing, homeopathic medicine, past life regression and soul work. I currently work as a trance medium and run closed séances where I work with spirit doctors that come into my body and I am able to do healings in the group on particular persons that may need help. This work is ongoing.

What do you find to be the most rewarding part about your current path through life?

Being a spiritualist to me is very rewarding as it is an ongoing journey of continual learning and study. I am passionate about my work and love what I do and my aim is to help and guide as many people as possible in this lifetime.

On 31 October you will be joining the Dinner with Spirit “Halloween Special” event at Katoomba’s Carrington Hotel. What are you most looking forward to about this event?

I will be looking forward to the work at the beautiful Carrington Hotel as it is historical and quite a majestic building with a lot of spirit activity.

Are there any connections in particular that you suspect you might make at the Dinner with Spirit event?

When I do shows, I never know what is going to happen and it is always a surprise. I also find that if there are any critics or non-believers in the audience they are always going to have a big surprise. As what I do is real. There is another life out there and it is full of nothing but loving experiences.

About Kerrie Erwin

Sydney-based medium Kerrie has lived between two worlds since childhood and is able to see and hear spirit people talking. Realizing her true calling when she was very young, she now works professionally as a spiritual medium and clairvoyant, working with spirit rescue, hauntings and connecting people to loved ones that have passed over into the spirit world. She also teaches metaphysics and reads tarot cards. She is trained in spiritual hypnotherapies and past-life regression.

Closely aligned to her healing work is Kerrie's vibrant creative nature, as she regularly works on stage and in spiritualist churches around the country. Kerrie has also written several books and works on different radio shows as a guest speaker and is a highly sought-after writer. She also contributes to publications and magazines, as a freelance writer and has written many well publicized articles on the paranormal over the years. 

'Dinner With Spirit' Halloween Event

WHEN: Saturday 31 October
WHERE: Carrington Hotel,
15-47 Katoomba St,
TIME: 5pm to 10pm
COST: $120pp
Includes 3 course dinner, mediumship show and question time.
TICKETS: Book Online by 25 October 2015

This article archived 21 Sep 2015

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