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The Oaks Fire Trail, Woodford to Glenbrook

Oaks Fire Trail, Woodford to Glenbrook

The Oaks Woodford to Glenbrook Fire Trail

Oaks Fire Trail, Woodford to Glenbrook

For an invigorating ride or walk that will work your muscles and clear your head, try the Woodford Oaks trail in Blue Mountains National Park. The track leads from Woodford to Glenbrook and makes a great day out in the mountains for friends or family looking for heart pumping adventure and fresh mountain air.

27km (one-way)

(Woodford to Glenbrook) 304m

Medium difficulty

Time suggested:
1-2 hours either way
Allow 3.5 hours either way to include rest stops and getting to/from railway stations

The trail:

The trail consists of a nice downhill run for the first 2km and then undulates to the midway point. There are three challenging climbs for the average rider and the midway point at the helipad is a nice open spot to take a break. From there it's all downhill to the bottom gate. At the gate you'll have the choice to stay on the dirt road and ride to other destinations in the National Park such as Euroka Clearing or Red Hands Cave, or take the single track which leads all the way to the causeway carpark. A short ride down the road will bring you to the causeway and you can finish with a challenging climb to the National Park entrance and carpark. Alternatively you might have a support team to pick you up at the causeway carpark.

The Oaks Fire Trail - Woodford to Glenbrook

Glenbrook Railway Station is a 1.3km easy ride from the National Park entrance.

Alternatively you can ride from Glenbrook to Woodford and do all the work in the first half of the track.

A word of caution:

The Woodford to Glenbrook fire trail takes you through a remote bush location. Mobile coverage will be patchy in places. There is no vehicular access to the trail apart from emergency services access.

Getting there:
The Oaks Fire Trail is usually ridden from Woodford to Glenbrook – finishing in the Glenbrook precinct of Blue Mountains National Park.


By car

  • Heading west along the Great Western Highway, turn left into the Appian Way.
  • Turn left into Parker Street
  • Turn left into Taylor Road and the trail starts 50m ahead on your right.

By train

  • Exit Woodford Railway Station to the south.
  • The station ramp leads to Railway Parade where you turn left and follow (towards Sydney) for 300m.
  • At the junction, turn right into Appian Way for 100m.
  • Turn left into Parker Street for 80m.
  • Turn left into Taylor Road and the trail starts 50m ahead on your right.

There are signs to identify the park and the trail commences here, however you’ll have to lift your bike over the low fence.

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