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by Juliette Palmer-Frederick

Baltimore, The Inner Harbor Cookbook, and 
The Blue Mountains Olde and New Ways Cookbook.

Books with a difference!

Recipe books come in many shapes and sizes, but here are two that manage to double as charming compendiums of colonial history and colonial cookery. They are : Baltimore, The Inner Harbor Cookbook, a peek into the U.S. colonial times and cooking. And, The Blue Mountains Olde and New Ways Cookbook. These books are written, compiled and illustrated by Juliette Palmer Frederick, who has been championing the cause of preserving historic old inns and hotels and historic precincts, not only in the Blue Mountains but also in Baltimore, Maryland ,U.S.A.

The special nature of the Baltimore book is the Renaissance of the Inner Harbor. The brief history of the area and historic anecdotes appeals to both tourists and residents. There is a warm Americana feel throughout the book. The general theme of the historic recipes dating from the 17th century offer a different approach to present day cooking. The Inner Harbor Cookbook seems to be a timely offering , in view of the upcoming U.S. T.V. series "Colonial Home", and the concern for retaining our historic past. It behoves us to remember what an important role food played in our history. What an abundance of seafood, meats, fruits and vegetables that were cultivated and brought to the hub of commerce which is the Inner Harbor. The banana boats tied up at Pratt St., the sugar boats came to the refinery, the center of trade of the Port that made a City. Baltimore's Inner Harbor is the blueprint for Darling Harbour in Sydney.

Although many of the recipes are not in general use, experiment with them, or just browse through the book and enjoy the history, anecdotes and drawings of new or familiar places.

History is Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

The Blue Mountains book is only half concerned with recipes. The rest of this unique little book takes you on a meandering journey through the historical byways of early colonial and later history of the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, the heart of the World Heritage Park. The recipes the author has collected, cover almost the same time span as the Baltimore book, from early colonial and convict days right up to some of the latest dishes served in a number of Blue Mountains restored contemporary hotels, inns and restaurants. Some of the recipes included in the Blue Mountains book are straight out of Australa's colonial past. Even though the ingredients -though still available- may be a little daunting to latter day cooks, such as calf's foot broth, wild duck, sheep's tongue, and rabbit pie. Most are well-proven dishes that are as popular today as they were when written down by Australia's early settlers, and those visitors who holidayed in or came to live in the Blue Mountains.

These books are available from this site.

Cost of Books

Baltimore, The Inner Harbor Cookbook $ 12.95 incl shipping
The Blue Mountains Olde and New Ways $ 12.95 incl shipping

To Order

Email: historyhwy@yahoo.com
Postal Address: J. Palmer-Frederick
18-22 Lindeman Road
Leura NSW 2780

Guided Tours

Take a Trip into Australia's Colourful Colonial Past

Join Friends of the Inns for an exciting adventure into the tempestuous colonial history in the company of Juliette Palmer-Frederick.

Follow old and new routes of the Great Western Highway from Katoomba to South Bowenfels, visiting Australia's oldest inn and stopping for a delicious morning tea at Australia's oldest tourist inn, the gracious Hotel Imperial at Mt. Victoria, or the Comet Inn in Hartley Vale.

Advance Bookings are essential. Please email me at historyhwy@yahoo.com. At least 24 hours notice please.

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