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Is Buying a Franchised Business Right for You

There are a lot of franchise opportunities available that cover almost every conceivable area of the commercial world. They offer the chance to get into a business of your own with products, systems and promotions that have been tested and proven before you start.
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10 Rules to Help Your Business Succeed

Setting up in business and working for yourself is one of the most challenging and exciting things that you can do. You are making vital decisions that will have a direct impact on your life: get them right and your business will prosper, make too many mistakes and you may well go under.
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Due diligence explained

Is it a good business to buy?
The finances of the business
Who buys from the business?
The condition of the premises
Compliance with all applicable legislation
The people
Intellectual property
The period of transition
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Take care starting entrepreneurial businesses

Who’s the boss?
The one big customer
The lowest-price model
The market and the players in it
Real entrepreneurs are phoenixes
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The deadly mistakes entrepreneurs make

1. Share-of-market revenue projections
2. Basing a business on ‘the big new idea’
3. Starting a competitor while still employed
4. Starting a business to serve a key customer
5. Excessive optimism
6. Letting sales drive expenses
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