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Blue Mountains Economic Indicators

At the Economic Development Forum held in July 2008, the Blue Mountains City Council provided the following economic indicators based on 2006/07 ABA data and research conducted by Lawrence Consulting:

    • Estimated total turnover of all industry in the City of Blue Mountains - $2.2 Billion
  • o     Largest contributors:

      • Retail Trade - $408 million
      • Construction - $330.6 million
      • Finance & Insurance - $299.6 million

      Property & Business Services - $290.4 million

    • 5,652 businesses actively trading and registered for GST

    o     50% businesses turnover <$100,000 PA

    o     5.8% businesses turnover >$1m

    o     Ave workforce size 3.2 persons

    o     Highest average workforce - accommodation/cafes/restaurants - 13 persons

             Gross Regional Product $1,586.3m

             Largest contributors to GRP business service sector $161.2M, education $138.1m, health services $113.1m, accommodation , cafes and restaurants $104m

             Modest average annual growth of 0.6% to 2026

             Index of economic diversity 0.701 (all of NSW 0.992) - (1.0 is highly diverse)


    Other key indicators for the City of Blue Mountains:

             2006 Population - 74,069 (0.3% decline on previous year)

             Unemployment rate – approx. 4.3% (below Sydney region)

             12.3% of population >65yrs (above Sydney region)

             35,928 people employed

    o    52% of residents travel outside the region for employment

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