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What you should know about Occupational Health and Safety

By law, all employers have a duty of care for the Health, Safety and Welfare to all employees and others. This means that as an employer you are responsible for the following, under the guidelines of the OH&S Act 2000 and OH&S Regulation 2001:

  • Develop and implement procedures to ensure a safe environment to all employees and others.
  • Develop and implement procedures to manage risks and ensure consultation of all employees who are affected by risks identified.
  • Ensure safe equipment is purchased and maintained
  • Provide resources for selection of personnel and supply of safety of gear (PPE – Personal Protection Equipment)
  • Have workers compensation insurance and procedures to deal with injuries
  • Have a Return to Work Program
  • Develop an injury and incident reporting system
  • Act on injury and incident reports
  • Develop and implement emergency procedures
  • Ensure appropriate training for all employees
  • Provide hygienic facilities

Failure to comply or at the onset of an accident can cause:

Maximum penalties for corporation are currently $550,000 and $55,000 for an individual for a first offence.

  • Imprisonment for the individual.
  • Shut down of the workplace.

Benefits of being OH&S Compliant

  • Reduction of accidents/incidents in the workplace – leads to reduction of costs and increased productivity.
  • Promotes 2 way communication between the employees and employer – leads to improved morale and higher productivity.
  • Promotes a sustainable business model – leads to longevity plus value add to the business. 

Dated - July 2008

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