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Top Website Mistakes That Lose You Business

Everybody needs a web presence. But given the time and money you’ll invest in building, or having a site built for you, you will want to ensure it pays its way. Here are some common, but fortunately easy to correct, website marketing mistakes.

Thinking your customers don’t use the web

Yes they do! So the first thing is to create something more than a brochure site. Put some time into seeing what sort of websites your competitors have, and what services they offer off it. Then get a person with some knowledge of how Internet search engines work to take a look at your site and optimise (using the right keywords and phrases on your pages) it to get noticed by search engines. You won’t sell anything from it if it doesn’t turn up in search results. And don’t restrict your marketing to just the web – get your website address in all your promotional materials from the side of the business vehicle to your business card.

Making it difficult to understand what your business sells and what features the product or service offers

People searching for products on the web tend to be impatient. They expect to be able to tell just what you sell and see where to click for details on products from a quick glance at your home page. They want that information in plain English with lots of short paragraphs and bulleted lists. And they want facts and product features as well as the benefits of buying your product so they can make comparisons.

Too often messages are written in such hype that it’s actually difficult to understand exactly what the business does.

Making it difficult to place an order or check out an item from your web store

If you are selling from your site then put the necessary work into designing an easy to use shopping cart and checkout (credit card payment) process. It’s remarkable how hard some businesses make this with confusing processes that leave a shopper unclear about things such as how many of an item they ordered or whether the order ‘took’ at all. When the navigation and checkout processes are confusing expect the customer to bail out and abandon the shopping cart.

You should be checking the site statistics to establish just what percentage of visitors are abandoning their shopping carts and at what point in the process, then using that information to work out whether you are losing sales, and what changes you can make to improve the customer experience and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

There are proprietary cart software solutions available that have met strenuous testing that may offer an off-the-shelf solution for you.

Not providing ways to contact you

Conversion rates vary by website and product, but on the average only about 2-3 percent of visitors to a web site will make a purchase. In other words, roughly 98% of the visitors to your site don’t buy during their visit.

Sometimes that’s simply because you don’t have what they want. But where it is because they are just comparison shopping, impatient with your site or confused by the order/checkout process you can improve the possibility of them making a purchase by offering them a means to contact you on each page of your site. Phone numbers, especially a toll free number, are good, but an email is better and faster. These days you can use chat software in the form of ‘live help’ solutions to give help in real time. Go all out to maintain contact – even a complaint can provide the excuse to ring back and try and sort out the problem and move on to a sale.

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