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Experience Australia’s most spectacular caves!
Experience Australia’s most spectacular caves!Experience Australia’s most spectacular caves!
Jenolan Caves
Budget accommodation in Katoomba
Budget accommodation in KatoombaBudget accommodation in Katoomba
Blue Mountains YHA
The Biggest name in Blue Mountains Tours - Since 1999
The Biggest name in Blue Mountains Tours - Since 1999The Biggest name in Blue Mountains Tours - Since 1999
Oz Trails
Supporting business in the Blue Mountains
Supporting business in the Blue MountainsSupporting business in the Blue Mountains
Regional Business Chamber

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Work-Life Balance

Make Vacations Work For You!

How wonderful it is when vacation time arrives! It’s a chance to escape from the office and leave the desk behind. Well, that’s how it is for the members of your team, but for business owners it can be less than fun to have people away.
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Lessons From A Greek Fisherman

Sometimes we lose sight of our real goals chasing what it is we think we want....
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Pace has its place

Categorise your to-do list
Don’t sacrifice yourself for others
What’s really important in your life?
Get organised
Revisit the past
Set aside time for yourself
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What is success?

Success is different things to different people and we need to define it very carefully if we’re going to achieve it in the business world.
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Time Management – Less Stress, More Efficiency

Time Management Factors
Assess Yourself
Lower Stress, Increase Productivity
Analyse Your Time Use
Cost Your Activities
Set Task Priorities
Make Written Plans
Use Charts
Organise Your Workspace
Discourage Interruptions
Run Focused Meetings
Keep On Learning!
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