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Sky high dining Panoramic views
Sky high dining Panoramic viewsSky high dining Panoramic views
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Raise Your Business ProfileRaise Your Business Profile
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Supporting business in the Blue Mountains
Supporting business in the Blue MountainsSupporting business in the Blue Mountains
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Absolute Quality Honeymoon Hideaway
Absolute Quality Honeymoon HideawayAbsolute Quality Honeymoon Hideaway
Successful corporate events & team building!
Successful corporate events & team building!Successful corporate events & team building!
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Operations, Policies & Procedures

Improving Productivity Starts With Improving Management

Business owners know that workers who aren’t using their time and resources effectively are costing the company money. Declining productivity means falling profits and sliding competitive position. That makes the findings from this year’s (2007) Proudfoot Productivity Report a cause of concern to employers.
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Reducing Costs to Boost Profits

One of the big secrets of multinationals is their constant striving to become the lowest cost producer in their field. These low costs feeds straight through to their bottom line, and is a technique that can also be used by small companies.
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Choose a supplier the way you’re chosen

1. How dependable are they?
2. What’s their value proposition?
3. Do they have a true service mentality?
4. Are they good at communicating with customers?
5. Will they be there next week, and next year?
6. What’s their ‘fit’ with your business?
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Danger lurks in your inventory

If your inventory is not properly managed it becomes the equivalent of money that’s depreciating at an increasing rate and can actually drop below zero value. Be aware of the danger and don’t let this situation develop.
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Every company needs the protection of a policy and procedures manual

Position descriptions
Personnel policies
Organization chart
Credit policy
Purchasing policies
Occupational Health & Safety
Internet and emails
Stationery & forms guide
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Business Roadmap provides practical business advice for small to medium sized businesses that are trying to overcome problems, or are trying to achieve their vision and full potential. Visit the Business Roadmap website for further information.

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