Supporting business in the Blue Mountains
Supporting business in the Blue MountainsSupporting business in the Blue Mountains
Regional Business Chamber
Escarpment location, perfect for groups
Escarpment location, perfect for groupsEscarpment location, perfect for groups
Segway Blue Mountains
Segway Blue MountainsSegway Blue Mountains
Segway Blue Mountains
Atmosphere & charm for families & romance - stays for all budgets
Atmosphere & charm
for families & romance
- stays for all budgets 
Atmosphere & charm
for families & romance
- stays for all budgets
Jenolan Caves
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Raise Your Business ProfileRaise Your Business Profile
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Team Motivation

Motivated team members enjoy coming into work and work hard, yet always have time for a laugh. Team motivation is a combination of workplace culture, organizational strategy and management style.
The benefits for employers are increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and turnover, and higher profits.
So why don’t all employers do it?
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How you can build a team

We often talk about our ‘team’ or our ‘team members’ but don’t give much thought to what a team really is. So, what is a team?
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What Makes A Great Team

No matter if it's a team of sales people or footballers, there are some basics that are always important to its success.
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Good Workplace Design Improves Productivity

Principle 1: the workspace should promote health and well-being
Principle 2: the workplace should be a pleasant place to work in
Principle 3: workplace layout should support work activity

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The Business of Workplace Wellness

Want to reduce the number of days lost to illness among your employees?
There are some excellent resources available for free and some simple programmes that are easily initiated.
There are also many low cost initiatives you can implement to achieve even greater success with your programme.

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Training offers more than just improved skills

Does investment in training produce any cost benefits?
What options are available for small businesses?

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