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Premium Exposure Button Advertising

Be Seen Online by Thousands of People Each Month

  • Button Advertisements enable your business to achieve additional high profile exposure on
  • Button Advertising places your business in front of visitors to the website keeping your business top-of-mind.
  • When opting for a Button Advertisement your new advertisement is assigned to either a ‘Specific Page’ or a ‘Featured Section’ of the website.
  • There is a maximum of 5 Button Advertisers assigned to any nominated ‘Specific Page’ or ‘Featured Section’.

‘Featured Section’ Examples

  • News (entire section)
  • What’s On (entire section)

‘Specific Page’ Examples

  • Home Page
  • General Information Pages (e.g. The Three Sisters page)
  • Directory Menu Page (e.g. Accommodation directory menu page)
  • Directory Listing Page (e.g. Restaurants or Plumbers)

When visitors browse the website on a PC or tablet your Button Advertisement appears at the top of the ‘Specific Page’ or ‘Featured Section’. When a visitor to the website scrolls down the page, your Button Advertisement becomes permanently fixed to the top of the page in a Menu Bar which is always visible.

Bonus Random Exposure

  • The majority of pages throughout the site include Button Advertisements.
  • All Button Advertisers receive additional Random Exposure on pages throughout which have less than 5 assigned advertisers, thus ensuring 5 Button Advertisers are always displayed.

‘Have You Visited’

At the footer of all pages throughout the site, on both the full website and mobile website, all Button Advertisers randomly appear within the “Have You Visited” section. This displays more like information features rather than advertisements. In most instances businesses with Button Advertisements attract the largest number of views and direct click-throughs from the random exposure of their advertisement appearing in the “Have You Visited” section.



Mobile Website

On the mobile website, (which is limited in space), you have at least* a 2 in 5 chance of appearing at the top of the ‘Specific Page’ or ‘Featured Section’.

*You may have a 3 in 5 chance on larger mobile phones.

If your advertisement is not randomly selected to appear at the top of the page, of the remaining advertisers assigned will appear at the bottom of the mobile ‘Specific Page’ or ‘Featured Section’.

As such, each time your assigned ‘Specific Page’ or ‘Featured Section’ is viewed by a visitor your Button Advertisement will appear, either at the top or the bottom.


In addition to your assigned position, your business also has a random chance of appearing at the top (or within the footer) of all other pages throughout the mobile website which do not have any assigned Button Advertisements.


Your advertisement will also be display in the dropdown menu of your ‘Specific Page’ or ‘Featured Section’.


Button Advertisements Content

  • Button Advertisements can either be a single image or consist of two separate frames presenting a single image per frame. Frames fade from one frame to the other at an interval of approximately 3 seconds.
  • Text appears below the image frames promoting your choice of either your business name, or the product or service you wish to promote.
  • There is also a short catch phrase associated with your Button Advertisement. This text is displayed:
    • when a visitor hovers over your Button Advertisement
    • next to your Button Advertisement image within ‘Have You Visited’ in the footer.

Monthly Performance Report

  • Button Advertisers receive monthly statistics via email which include the number of times your Button Advertisement was viewed by visitors, plus the number of times your advertisement was actually clicked on by visitors taking them directly to your website.

’Feature Section’ Button Advertising

  • Button Advertising can be purchased across a Featured Section of
  • Button Advertisements are assigned to the entire section providing advertisers with maximum exposure.
  • Button Advertisements for Featured Sections are sold on a weekly basis with a minimum 4 week contract.
  • Your advertisement is guaranteed to be seen.
  • This premium exposure service is exclusively available to just 5 businesses at any one time.


  • The Blue Mountains News section offers a strong reach for businesses wishing to reach our local Blue Mountains community.
  • Advertising in the News section of the website displays your Button Advertisement on every News Story page, plus provides additional exposure on Fresh Air Daily. Your Button Advertisement also displays once every 5 days in the daily Fresh Air Daily Email Newsletter.

What’s On

  • The Blue Mountains What’s On section offers a strong reach for businesses wishing to reach both locals and visitors to the Blue Mountains region.
  • Advertising in the What’s On section of the website displays your advertisement on event listing pages and every individual event page.

Button Advertising Conditions

  • Button Advertising opportunities are exclusively available to businesses with a paid Economy, Standard or Enhanced Profile and are considered upgrades to your directory advertising exposure service.
  • Existing Button Advertisers receive first option to secure and renew their premium position on the nominated web page.
  • Stralia Web reserves the right to determine the appropriate placement of a Button Advertisement and may decline requests for placement of Button Advertisements on pages which Stralia Web consider inappropriate for the specific business.
  • During the course of your campaign, you have the option to request a change of the nominated web page your Button Advertisement appears on to a page of equivalent value or upgrade to a higher profile page subject to availability (additional fee applies).
  • Higher advertising rates apply for high traffic pages and featured sections.
  • Selected Directory Category Menu Pages attract higher rates than directory listing pages. A category menu page includes menu items for sub-categories and may not include business listings. A directory listing page includes business listings (i.e. Enhanced, Standard, Economy and Basic Listings).
  • In the event the requested page already has 5 advertisers present, businesses can request to go on a waiting list for the desired page and will be notified as soon as a position becomes available.

All button advertising is payable in advance. Contact us for rates.

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