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The Society's Objectives are as follows:

  • To promote an interest in all branches of Australian history by means of lectures, excursions, exhibitions and such other means as may be desirable.

Braemar Gallery Springwood 1930

  • To encourage research with the object of disseminating, correcting and authenticating knowledge of Australia generally and the area of the Blue Mountains particularly. To publish papers, pamphlets or booklets containing the results of such research.
  • To co-operate with kindred societies in endeavouring to secure the retention, preservation and maintenance of buildings, bridges, waterways, earthworks, flora, fauna, and relics of historic significance.
  • To undertake appropriate activities to commemorate or preserve sites of historic interest in the lower Blue Mountains area.
  • To acquire, compile and preserve records, according to the societies approved collection management policy, or present day happenings which may prove of use in future years.


Secretary: Dick Morony


Research & Publications Offficer: Peter Chinn


Postal:     Springwood Historical Society
                 P.O. Box 387
                 SPRINGWOOD NSW  2777


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