Karen Curran - The Heart of Us

Karen Curran - The Heart of Us

Inner healing transpersonal therapy

Inner Healing. A safe space to heal the parts of you that have become lost or hidden along the way. Changing the effects of trauma, grief, shame and life events. Art Therapy, Sandplay, Shamanic and Creative Therapies Counselling. Online and studio Blue Mountains. Also women's RETREATS.

  • Are you successful in most areas of your life but feel that something is lost inside of you, despite all your efforts?
  • Do you yearn to show your true authentic self, but don’t know how?
  • Do you have a secret grief? Have you lost a child in any way, even before birth, and told no-one? Would you like to heal from it?
  • Have you been bullied, and still feel that pain or shame?
  • Have you been unnoticed all your life, so that you feel you are screaming on the inside for someone to notice the real you?
  • Are you living in the past reliving it?
  • Do the effects of grief, shame or trauma regulate your life?
  • Do you feel stuck, or have a sense of loss as if part of you is hidden or missing?
  • Have you experienced any of these feelings with a sense of feeling you want to react or run away, or feel frozen in time, or wishing to please everyone?
  • Would you like to feel a sense of magic or hope back in your life?
  • WOMEN's SOUL Retreats
  • Courses Online
  • Custom infusions from Australian Bush Flower Essences

Karen Curran - The Heart of Us

Phone: 0412 465 037

Address: Springwood NSW 2777

Postal Address: PO Box 388
Springwood NSW 2777

Email: Click here to send an email

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